Like the trees our apples are grown on, we have deep roots. Savanna Premium Cider was first launched in South Africa in 1996. We’ve come a long way since then and while things have changed, one thing will always remain the same… Savanna is made from apples for those with apples!

It all started with

Step 1 You know what they say about an apple a day?

We corrupted the apple

Step 2 But we were interested in apples with attitude so we took the perfectly ripe apple and used it to create a pure cider... with an edge.

Lots of apples

Step 3 All stars of the apple family are representing!

They are pressed

Step 4 It’s time for a good crushing! The apples are pressed so we can use their juice.

So juicy!

Step 5 It’s the juice of these perfectly ripe apples that gets transformed into the cider you know and love at our cider making plant.

Turn up the heat

Step 6 We add some water to the juice and start the fermentation process which turns the juice into alcohol. The process continues until the right percentage of alcohol by volume has been reached.

Triple filteredx3

Step 7 We then micro-filter the liquid 3 times so just the best is left.

Double Chilled

Step 8 During the filtration process, the cider is chill-filtered to lock in the unique Savanna flavour. Now that’s fresh!

Let's cap it here

Step 9 Our crown then locks in extra freshness and carbonation.
Fact: we're so green that during fermentation we harvest our own Co2 to be used in the carbonation process.

The perfect serve

Step 10 Savanna is best served ice cold, from the bottle, with a wedge of lemon in the neck. Cheers!