Virtual Comedy Bar


Welcome to Comedy Central Live @ the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar. It’s the virtual comedy club where South Africa’s top comedians come together to dish out the laughter in spades, not with spades. It’s proudly brought to you by Savanna, the OG of comedy support, who has been doing that support for 25 years. so, every time you sip a Savanna, you help fund the funny.


Savanna Premium Cider is, and probably always will be, one of the biggest supporters of the local comedy scene. So you can say with certainty that every time you sip a Savanna you help support a comedian. Because we pay for comedians to bring us laughs and smiles. We fund the funny and every sip counts. Remember, comedians need money too, as garages won’t take satire as payment for fuel.


Every time you sip a Savanna, you help support a comedian. WIN!
Leave your addy to get a reminder to catch the funny. You could WIN cash, airtime or ice-cold actual Savannas.
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